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A century after a global war went hot, the surviving populous of Earth has been divided into three different social classes: the Irrits, the impoverished and trampled lower class, the Plebs, the long-suffering middle class, and the Optims.

The Optims were designed by pre-apocalypse scientists to be physically perfect, the next step for humanity to survive through a nuclear war. Their genetics are so different and advanced that they are almost another species entirely. In an effort to create an army for themselves, they began making Jotunns, which are soldiers made from brainwashed plebs and irrits, all bound into suits of powered armor. As the lower classes are plagued by raiders, malicious rebels, misguided Jotunns, a horrific mutating virus, and their Optim overlords, a child is born, a hybrid that proves there is a future for a united human race.

This child is Mihai, a unique crippled hybrid between all three classes of humans. He is protected by a liberated Jotunn named Wilhelm, the armor of whom hides a dark past that only Mihai knows fully. In their struggle to survive, they meet allies and enemies, such as a soldier asleep from before the war, an immensely powerful psychic mutant, and an envious Optim child bent on Mihai's destruction. It is a tale of people who are forged not only by their genetics but by their ordeals too.

Forged Men is a webcomic (you've probably figured that part out) by Rory Ramenescu and Ninjaxenomorph. Rory does the bulk of the writing and and all of the artwork, and Ninjaxenomorph (Thats me!) does a bit of the writing and a lot of the story.

Bios coming soon!


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